Hello & Welcome

Pigtails & Pasta is a lifestyle and personal blog. My goal is to create a community of mamas of all ages who can relate to and benefit from my life experiences, recipes and tips.
The lifestyle topics that you will find here include motherhood, marriage, cooking and more.

My hope is that you will feel like you have another mama on your side and in your tribe. You can never have too much support. 

All About Me

My name is Jozay and I am a licensed insurance professional with a background in tax preparation and food service. I have done a number of different jobs before my husband and I purchased our pizzeria in June of 2016 (while I was six months pregnant!). 

The photo above is from a wedding we attended in Summer 2019 while we were kid-free. The restaurant requires a lot of hours so we don’t get dressed up very often. 

In my free time, far and in between, I enjoy baking, reading books & watching Netflix.

Life as Mama

I am the mother of two smart and extremely strong willed girls. Between them and the pizzeria I am definitely kept on my toes. This blog is where I can bring you into my world and share some things I’ve learned along the way, like what to pack in your diaper bag and my favorite self care outing.

The stories and posts you will read are personal and real. You will learn more about me, my family and my ever hectic life. So welcome, I’m happy that you’re here.

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