Tubby Todd

Making Meal Time Easier for Busy Moms & Picky Eaters

Being a mom is HARD. Being a working mom is HARD. Being a working mom of a picky eater is EXTREMELY hard and incredibly frustrating. Two weeks ago we had the girls’ 2 year and 4 year wellness appointments. I knew it was coming, but the pediatrician told us that Genny needs to stop drinking

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Packing a Diaper Bag for Two Under Two

I am the kind of person, and now the kind of mom, who has to plan everything. And when I say everything, I mean every single thing. I need to know what time we need to be somewhere and how long it takes to get there so that I can account for traffic, pit stops,

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Raising Bilingual Children

When Matteo and I started seeing each other he spoke very limited English and I didn’t speak any Italian. Google Translate was a big player in our relationship for the first few months. Flash forward six years later and Matteo speaks excellent English and I do pretty well with Italian.  Matteo’s entire family, aside from

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